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Scented Play Dough Trios

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Play Dough Trio in Summer Colors and Scents

Add another element to sensory play with this trio of lightly scented, soft doughs.

Playdough is fun and beneficial for building hand strength, motor skills, and creative thinking.

We encourage squishing, smashing, and rolling as a calming activity or focus tool.

Trio Includes:  3, 4 ounce aluminum cans of handmade playdough.

Warm Summer Trio

  • Rose Pink: Pink Lemonade
  • Orange: Summer Peach
  • Yellow: Banana Pop

Cool Summer Trio

  • Blue Water - Coconut
  • Teal Blue - Watermelon
  • Lime Green - Lime


Coloring and Scents are food safe and non toxic
*Made with Wheat Flour

Care and Ingredients included on each container.
Handmade by Chickadees Wooden Toys