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Scoops & Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop

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A Little Ice Cream Shop of Their Dreams

Let your imagination scoop up some cool, creamy fun with Scoops & Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop! Enjoy delightful pretend play with sweet-scented play dough, colorful bio-plastic cones and cups, and loads of sprinkles—all in soft colors that will look good enough to eat!

The Beadie Bug Play Double Scoop Ice Cream Set

2 x Twin Cones in Beige

2 x Sundae Cups in Pastel Candy Pink

2 x Choc Bomb Cones in Beige 

2 x Waffle Cones in Beige 

2 x Scoops in White

4 Cone Wooden Stand

The Kinfolk Pantry Eco Cup Set

1 x Pastel Pink Cupcake Eco Mould

1 x Pastel Green Cupcake Eco Mould

1 x Pastel Yellow Cupcake Eco Mould

Chickadees Ice Cream Shop Dough Set

4 oz Pink Strawberry Ice Cream Scented Dough

4 oz Brown Chocolate Ice Cream Scented Dough

4 oz Off White Vanilla Ice Cream Scented Dough

4 oz Mint Green Chocolate Mint Scented Dough

4 oz Soft Blue Birthday Cake scented Dough

4 oz Soft Yellow Banana Ice Cream Scented Dough

Tin of Faux Rainbow Sprinkles

Large Gift Box and Care instructions


$144 Value for $134- SAVE $10 on the Bundle


*Sprinkles are a choking hazard and not intended for children under three years of age.*

All dyes are food-grade and nontoxic. 

Play dough is made with Wheat Four.