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Turtle Life Cycle Playdough Stamps

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Did you know: Turtles have existed for approximately 215 million years.
Most turtles lay their eggs in the sand to hatch on their own and will lay between 50-100 in one clutch.
Hatchlings then make their way to the top of the sand nest and journey to the water en masse to confuse predators.

Using these handmade resources, your little one can learn all about the turtle lifecycle through play! Stamps can also be used in kinetic sand, air dry clay, salt dough and for baking (with a gentle wipe and re-oil afterwards).

They are handmade from sustainably sourced pine, well sanded and finished with tung oil. The toppers are laser-cut birch ply. Each set is unique, due to the varieties of timber used.

Recommended age 3+. Use under adult supervision. Not recommended for use as a teething or chew toy.

Stamp designs © Beadie Bug Play 2019.