Ladybug Prints - by Allison Hahn - Chickadees Wooden Toys


I love easy activities that can be modified based on your child’s skills. Toddlers will enjoy making ladybug prints. For preschoolers (and older), you can include counting practice!

Craft stick (optional)
Cotton swab
Washable paint (red, black, green)
Paint brush



1. Cut your sponge into a round “beetle” shape. Optional: Cut a small slit in the top and glue in a craft stick to make a handle for your stamper.
2. Use a paint brush to apply red paint to the sponge. Gently place the sponge onto your paper to make a ladybug print.

3. Dip your cotton swab into black paint to add the ladybug’s spots. For older children, use this step to practice number recognition. You can write a number next to each ladybug and have your child add the corresponding number of dots!
4. Use a fork dipped in green paint to add grass to your artwork.

5. Once the paint is dry, you can use a marker to add more details to the ladybug.

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We hope you give this Minibeast craft a try!  If you feel creative you can choose use several paint colors and sponge shapes for all kinds of minibeast shapes.