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DIY Gluten Free Play Dough Kit

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The Eco Art and Craft premixed Playdough Powder is GLUTEN FREE!

Kids love playdough...they love making it and playdough offers hours, days, months of exploratory sensory play.

KIT CONTAINS: 500g Premix Playdough Powder, Natural Eco Paints 50g: Blue, Red and Yellow, Sachet of holographic Bio-glitter, paint brush, spoons, instructions and a colour mixing guide.

Making their own playdough also ticks a couple of other boxes for children:

🥣  Kids see making playdough as cooking - mixing, measuring and kneading (forget the muffins)

🎨 Colouring their own playdough is really fun using natural eco paints and it's educational (a colour mixing guide is included with the combo)

🙌🏻 It's pretty well instant play gratification

So many parents have commented that they love this premix because how many times have you gone to make playdough but realise you are out of one ingredient.

Playdough play is also fabulous for:

🤲🏻 Developing and strengthening fine motor skills

💭 It encourages imaginative play

✅ Kids can use it independently and there are no rights and wrongs

🗣 It helps to develop language: squish, roll, flat, push, cut, press: and can be used for learning activities such as letter and number recognition

The 500g pack of powder makes approximately 800g of playdough.

The Eco Art and Craft difference: no paraffin, no palm oil, no beeswax, no mined micas or clays, no synthetic colours, 100% GLUTEN FREE and Vegan

The premix playdough powder is NOT coloured.  Adults are responsible for making this product.  Adult supervision is essential.  Consumption is not recommended.  Not recommended for children under 3 years