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Enchanted Wild Tools Basket

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Handmade Wild Tools for Your Wild Child

Let your wild child explore the wonders of nature with this enchanted basket of hand-carved tools and whimsical play. Go on a fizzy gem hunt, spread peace, love, and sunshine, and have wild fun!


$170 Value for $160 - Save $10

The Enchanted Tools Bundle Includes: 

1 Natural Baby Bolga Basket - A strong and beautiful basket choice for wild exploring, foraging, and picnics - Bolga baskets stand up to use and abuse and remain functional and beautiful for years.

Wooden Tools from Wild Mountain Child

Sunflower Slotted Spoon

Branch Wooden Spoon

Leaf Scoop

Sunshine Strainer

Moon Strainer

Leaf Mug

Treasure Bowl

Mushroom Tool

Gem Hunt Play Fiz Crumble

Light green and peppermint scented with a bit of shimmer and lot of green bubbles, this PlayFizz comes with real jewels just waiting to be discovered.

what’s inside;

  • One generous scoop of crumble 
  • Real colored gemstones


Wild Tools are designed to extend fizz, potion, mud kitchen, sand, water, and really any sensory play by providing a place to observe a little longer. A pause. A perfectly sized spot to hold PlayFizz and gives opportunity to watch it bubble, react and fizz a little longer and collect the crystals and botanicals. Perfect for scooping flowers, collecting treasures, sand play etc.. 

Designed in Australia. Ethically and lovingly hand-carved, hand-sanded & hand-polished by Vietnamese artisans in a traditional craft village preserving ancient skills and providing income.  

Due to the natural nature of this product. No two are the same, there are variations in the wood grains and craftmanship giving each item its own personality. 

Made from Doussie, a Vietnamese plantation timber. Finished with food-grade oil. 

Our wooden items have been handcrafted and are waxed with food-grade wax.

To keep your wood looking its best:

  • Do not leave submerged in water for a really long time ( like a week)  - play is ok and hang it up to dry after. 
  • Dry with a tea towel after getting wet
  • Then keep it beautiful with a rub of bee's wax or vegetable oil into the wood to avoid the fibres lifting.
  • Only use mild dishwashing detergent if needed
  • Never put wood in the dishwasher

We work with a small Vietnamese enterprise that promotes Vietnamese handicrafts ensuring stability in the industry, work from home opportunities for young mothers and protection for traditional skills and crafts.