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Marble Run Large Set

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Who would think problem-solving could be so much fun? An exciting marble run building set that is both entertaining and educational! Wooden blocks with grooves and holes are combined in a variety of ways - and 6 marbles ringing the bell signals success. A great way to introduce concepts of structural engineering and stimulate spatial thinking.

  • Fosters spatial perception, perseverance, and motor skills
  • Encourages experimentation and introduction to the laws of physics
  • Conveys the principle of cause and effect
  • All HABA block sets are compatible and can be combined.

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Includes: 1 zigzag track, 1 bridge with bell, 4 redirection blocks, 2 tunnel blocks, 4 ramps, 14 rectangular blocks, 8 square blocks, 2 bridging blocks, 6 columns, 6 marbles. Includes instruction booklet.

Materials: Beech wood from sustainable forestry

Crafted in Germany.