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Minibeast Sensory Box + Birdie & Bug Nature Bugs Craft

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Mini Beasts

Littles and Minibeasts go hand in hand.  Sometimes swatting and running away, sometimes scooping them up to investigate.  There is an incredibly busy world happening under our feet and around our heads.  Little creatures working tirelessly every day.
This month's box has a fine shredded paper filler... perfect for hiding and finding the little minibeast tokens, flowers, leaves, and even little wooden mason jars.
The mesh grabber is great to practice fine motor work and scissor grasp.

Try adding a magnifying glass for exploration, or pick up a bug bag from the shop to observe your Little's latest finds.

However you play with your Minibeast box, don't forget to get outside and look for some real Minibeasts.


This Month's Box includes:
- 1 Large Bag of Bin Filler - Green Fine Shredded Paper
- Paper Leaves and Flowers
- Mini Wood Cutouts
- 24 Minibeast Tokens
- Glass Corked Jar
- Mesh Grabbers
- Glass Gems
- Minibeast Seek & Find Page

PLUS - Nature Bugs Craft Pack from Birdie and Bug