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Ocean Water Beads

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Magical Beads That You Can Grow. Just add water and watch the beads grow up to 200 times their original size. The balls come in a small packet and are the size of small seed beads when dry.

Add water, leave overnight, and be amazed in the morning. Water beads provide hours of fun, hands on play.

Includes one reusable container of Ocean Mix water beads.  Makes 8-10 cps of hydrated water beads.

**Silicone based water beads. Non toxic but not edible. Dry beads are very tiny and should only be handled with adult supervision. Hydrated beads are approximately 5/8" and are a choking hazard. Water Beads not intended for children under 5 yrs. Only appropriate for children who are not teething or mouthing toys.**

Directions - add 1 tsp dry water beads and 2/3 cups water to a large container (bucket, mixing bowl, baking dish) - Leave 5/6 hours or overnight. Water beads will expand and absorb the water. Add to your favorite sensory bin or bottle and play. -will retain water for up to 2 weeks -Can be rinsed with vinegar between play sessions to minimize germs and bacteria -When left out to dry, will return to their original size and can be stored for later use