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Toddler || Rainbow Loose Parts Bundle

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Rainbow Toddler Loose Parts Bundle || Pre Order || Limited Quantity

Vibrant colors, water resistant, and larger sizes for little hands.  This set of open-ended loose parts has endless opportunities for play - color sorting, nesting, stacking, counting, sensory bins, play kitchens, block centers, and so much more.

Pre Orders Ship by December 2nd

Set Includes:

10 Rainbow Sorting Bowls (2.5in)

10 Rainbow Balls (1.75in)

10 Rainbow Rings (2.25in)

10 Large Rainbow Mushrooms (2in)

Safe for baby and up.  Add to your collection with Little Bits and Peg Dolls too.

Water-resistant.  To clean, wipe down with soap and water, and allow to air dry completely.
Hand-painted with self-sealing, water-based acrylic paint.  Certified ASTM-D.  Nontoxic.