Autumn Nature Mobile - Birdie Spring

Autumn Nature Mobile - Birdie Spring

The magic of this mobile is the way it comes together with simple nature treasures and a few things you probably already have on hand!

Nature treasures: We love to collect treasures on our nature walks, and it's a brilliant way to build a supply of crafting materials. Look for leaves, pinecones, small branches, etc. We also love dried oranges for crafting during the colder seasons!

Tools: You can use any string that you have on hand- cotton twine is our favorite eco choice! Using simple techniques (like threading and attaching clothespins) for securing your nature is a fun way to make it a child-friendly craft.


An autumn mobile is the perfect way to have a simple conversation about thankfulness.

You might ask young children things like: What makes you happy? What's your favorite part of the day? Who do you like to spend time with?

Repeating their answer with the word 'thankful' will help them make the connection to the meaningful idea, while strengthening your bond. Ex: You're thankful for _____!

These answers can remain a conversation during your craft, or you can include them in your mobile! We stamped leaves with simple ideas of gratitude, but you could also write on leaves or small pieces of paper.


When your mobile is complete hang it somewhere you'll see it often! I hope it brings joy into your home, as you reflect on the highlights of your life!

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This is so sweet! I love the stamps on the leaves


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