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Honey Drops - by Alejandra Hayden

This month’s sensory box at Chickadees delivered all kinds of inspiration for me. There is something just oh-so-cute about honey bees and honey drops! For this blog post I want to share with you the recipe I use for my Honey Drops and how my toddler and I like to play with them.


3/4 cups of cornstarch
1/4 cup of honey
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with a spoon. Once the cornstarch has come together with the rest of the ingredients, knead it with your hands. It will feel a little oily so work it through.

You can refer to the photos and see that the honey drops have a texture similar to that of a stretchy play dough.

How we extended our play

Step One: Choose your tray. For this activity, we like to use our honey comb tray from Chickadees. It has all the different compartments we need, which acts as a tinker tray as you can see from the photos. Use a tray you don’t mind getting messy as the honey drops will feel a little sticky on your fingers and tray (nothing a little moist towel can’t clean!)

Step Two: Shape your honey drops and add different textures on top. I added dried lavender on one, glitter on another, calendula and camomile, even some of the sensory base from our Chickadees Sensory Box!

Step Three: Get a little messy and have fun exploring all the different textures on your honey drops! You can even play pretend by having a Sweet Shop. There is no wrong way to play with these.

For more sensory recipes and ideas like this, head on over to my personal blog at I would love to connect with you on there too!

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I have a long trip coming up and this blog has flooded my brain with so many ideas I can’t get to sleep with all the activities planned. Our plan will be to keep the Grandkids so busy they eventually tire out. We’ll played, well fed, well kept, and most importantly well satisfied Grandkids. We can create an activity to be in conjunction with the area plants and animals we drive through. Great ideas. Loved her blog. Thanks you Kendra.

Grandma Min

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