A Look Into Kinder Nature Beginnings ll A Gentle Beginning to Elementary Years - by Lauren @chickieandroo

A Look Into Kinder Nature Beginnings ll A Gentle Beginning to Elementary Years - by Lauren @chickieandroo

Do you want to give your child a strong foundation in reading, writing, and
Are you looking for a way to start slow and facilitate a gentle and engaging learning experience? Where the program matches your child and follows them? Where the information is simple and makes sense?

Kinder Nature Beginnings is an early learning program designed for ages 3-8 or
grades preschool-3rd. It is formatted as a spiral in that opportunity for review is present in the introduction of each new topic or skill.

This series is a supplemental curriculum meant to be used alongside other resources for gentle introduction, enrichment, practice, and review. Each program series focuses on nature as a spine to facilitate core learning subjects. This program aims to meet all styles of learners: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.
Because these programs span such a wide age range, you can work your way
through the lessons more than once. In a child’s first year, they may only explore 30% or so of each section. When they are ready, you can move forward to the more challenging activities with a review of what they’ve learned so far, slowly building up the blocks of the foundation for a happy and healthy learning experience.

In Kinder Nature Beginnings: Language Arts

Your student will begin with the basics of introduction to the alphabet, letter recognition, phoneme recognition, capital vs. lowercase practice, simple sight words, and sentence structure awareness.

Each A-Z letter portion includes a picture book list, original poem or rhyme for memorization or copy work, reading and writing practice, cutting activities, lacing, matching, drawing prompts, and more. Your child can create an alphabet flip book and felt templates to show what they’ve learned.

Kinder Nature Beginnings: Math 

Your child will begin with the simplest of concepts recognizing 1-10 in numerical form, word form, value, and sequence. This program gently introduces various mathematics skills, logic and reasoning skills, and the language of math. An early learner may begin with 1-to-1 correspondence and move through number value, even vs. odd, patterns, sequencing, equations and their symbols, addition, subtraction, place value, word problems, number bonds, estimation, measurement, introduction to multiplication and division, and introduction to geometry.
KNB Math helps your child visually see what it means to ‘carry’ and ‘borrow,’ how to group numbers for ease of computing, and how to make sense of numbers and values.
We also include fun games, matching, coloring, and more!

Kinder Nature Beginnings: Art 

This program is a beautiful introduction to the principles of art and design for all elementary ages. Each lesson includes activity in both
introductory or advanced levels. These activities build on one another so that when the program is completed, your learner will have a natural landscape masterpiece of their 
own that combines all elements portrayed in this guide. This program introduces features and principles of art and design such as line, color theory value, texture, temperature, form, shape, space, pattern, symmetry, balance, movement, emphasis, scale, contrast, and perspective. Children will explore art through drawing prompts, mediums, shadows, shading, skill work, outdoor nature prompts, learning cards, and more!

Kinder Nature Beginnings: Copywork 

The purpose is to gently introduce sequential sight words and sentence construction, add extra activities, and review phonemic awareness and reading skills.  Inspired by nature and keeping in the theme of the KNB program, these books offer opportunities for students to trace a single word and sentences, write a single word and sentences, and illustrate an accompanying drawing.

Kinder Nature Beginnings is a simple and gentle way to introduce and lay a solid foundation of education for your children. It engages children, makes teaching easy for parents, and allows all styles of learners to flourish and thrive!


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