Our Favorite Chickadees Sensory Boxes of 2023

Our Favorite Chickadees Sensory Boxes of 2023

Our Favorite Chickadees Sensory Boxes of 2023  

By Layan Muhammad  


There is not a day that goes by in our homeschool when there’s not a sensory tray on the table. As a former Early Childhood Educator, I know the many benefits of sensory play for young children. If I’m being honest, sensory play is wonderful for older children as well.

Our journey started off simple, and I used many items around the home or outdoors to encourage sensory exploration. Eventually, I found Chickadees Wooden Toys, and I was hooked. Our first nature based sensory subscription was back in the early summer of 2020, and it came at the perfect time especially with a young toddler who required much of my attention. A few years back, the subscription came with themed jars of playdough and trinkets. My children loved the kits.  

Since then, the Chickadees Subscription Boxes have grown from simple themed playdough kits to an exploration of nature topics through a variety textures and loose parts, themed books and book recommendations, and activity printables. The subscription is a wonderful addition to our homeschool days, and each theme enriches our nature and science-based studies. All my children (even my older pre-teen) get excited when seeing a new invitation to play and explore set on our table. 

Over the years, we have collected many Chickadees sensory boxes and I want to share some of favorites from 2023.  


Reindeer Box  

 reindeer sensory bin and learning materials


Worm Box  

 earthworm sensory bin and learning materials


Seeds Box  

 seeds sensory bin, book, and learning materials


Frogs Box  

 frogs sensory bin and learning materials


Plant Life Box  

 plant life sensory bin and learning materials

Spider Box   

 spider sensory bin and book


The Chickadees subscription boxes have a NEW fun name, and limited subscription spots are now open for 2024.

Visit Playful Minds Activity Box  to join the club. 


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