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Shapes in the World Around Us Flashcards - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Shapes in the World Around Us Flashcards

Now you can print your own set of flashcards at home!

*Print cards have a white background*

Where do we see shapes in nature, at home, and our community?  Each of these cards feature a handful of realistic places you might spot some shapes.  It's easier to learn about hexagons when you know they are natures most used shape! Or look for pentagons in houses in your neighborhood.  We know you'll love these cards.

Set of 14 Cards - 13 Shapes and 1 cover card.  5"x7" cards print 2 per 8.5"x11" page.

Includes Shapes: Star, Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Oval, Hexagon, Pentagon, Octagon, Rhombus, Semi Circle, Heart, Trapezo

Includes printing tips and easy cutting guide.

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