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Transient Art Kit

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Transient or Loose Parts Art Kit

Transient art develops so many skills: creativity, problem-solving, exploration, sharing, mathematical skills such as pattern and symmetry, awareness of shape, positioning and color, language skills, and imagination. In addition, it develops concentration and attention, helps to develop fine motor skills, and increases children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

I've included some Prompts to get you started, but the most brilliant transient art is entirely child created. You can use the flashcard holder to display the prompt and let your child recreate their version of the silhouette with loose parts.


Transient Art Set Includes:

8 compartment wooden tray

10 inch wood slab

23 Transient Art Prompt Cards and Instructions

A Selection of at least 8 different materials in varying shapes, sizes, and textures.

*Loose parts may vary slightly from the picture, but will always be equal or greater in value.  Nature and wood will always be the main componants.