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The Best Books for Father's Day - by Adina Oberman

Could there be a better Father's Day gift than one Dad can enjoy over and over again?

This collection of books celebrates dads from all walks of life and the special bond they share with their children. They're perfect for dads, dads-to-be, new dads, grandpas and all of the father figures in our lives.

I love gifting books for holidays and birthdays. They become treasured parts of our home library and we get to enjoy them for years.

Father's Day Books for All Walks of Life:
Made for Me
Why, Daddy? Why? 
Daddy Speaks Love 
Gardens Are for Growing
Rookie Father 
Be Glad Your Dad Is Not an Octopus 
Go Grandpa Go
Kiss By Kiss 
With My Daddy
How to Be a Pirate 
Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
Of Thee I Sing 
Bathe the Cat 
Adventures With my Daddies 
Leo Loves Daddy 
Craft tape runner 


Adding a personal touch to these special books is my absolute favorite thing to do!

I love adding my kids' handprints, a recent photo, and a short inscription inside each book. It's a beautiful way to mark the growth of our children, and it creates a memory of who they were at that time, that we can revisit each time we read.

This tradition has grown along with our family. As my daughter learned to read and write, it's been such a joy to have her sign her name and write her own sweet messages inside.

Pro tip: Get your kids involved in adding their own personal touches to these books.

Ask them to do a practice version of the writing and/or drawings they'd like to add to the book on a separate piece of paper.

This gives them a chance to think about what they'd like to write or draw and helps kids learn that they can practice and refine their work (aka - they don't have to get it "right" the very first time).

You can also have them draw or write on a separate piece of paper, cut the final message or picture out and paste it inside the cover.

I love using a double-sided craft tape runner for special projects like these. It's mess-free, won't drip, and attaches seamlessly.

I hope you enjoy these titles as much as we do! Happy Father's Day!

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