Traveling With Kids by Kendra Swett

Traveling With Kids by Kendra Swett

One of the best ways I’ve learned to stay sane while traveling with kids and a little more screen free, has been creating a travel kit for my littles. We’ve done multi-day, long road trips and long flights and travel kits have been a compact option for both! Creating a little kit where your child hasn’t seen most items included, allows for the novelty of it all to last through your travels, or at least through travel day! We are headed to the beach this summer season, so I gathered some ocean themed items to lend inspiration for this travel kit. The best part is? This kit is small enough for all the contents to fit into a small pouch or backpack for your child to carry!

Here are some great ideas to incorporate into your kit:

1- Creating an opportunity for small world play for your little one's imagination to soar while traveling, is a perfect way to pass the time in their seat. Adding a similar themed book sometimes helps to get the creativity going too. Just be sure to include age appropriate items only. This metal box pictured, allows for magnets to be added, or for you to DIY your own. Print off your favorite printables, grab some double sided tape, some ocean felt friends, a felt mat, some loose parts and you’re good to go! All these small world play items fit into this compact box, ready to grab at any moment.

2- Adding simple sensory options such as these fabric fidget toys, give little hands and brains a moment to focus some of that energy as well. These fabric fidgets require little fingers to navigate the marble through the pouches in different ways. It also may help with any anxiousness while traveling and handling new experiences.

3- Including a small puzzle for your littles is a great way to keep little minds occupied too. There are many puzzles designed to be small and easy to take on the go. Always a favorite for us, even at the travel destination.

4-Include the opportunity for creativity! Add a little travel journal(sketch book) , some crayons, markers, pencils, and stickers. These eco leaf crayons are such a great option for travel, as the size of them makes them easy to locate if they fall. Also they can be used as props for small world play too.



Need a couple more tips to help you make it through?

Repurpose pacifier lanyards to keep toys together so you have a smaller chance of losing them while on the go. Even for older ages keeping them clipped to the inside of bags is super helpful.

While shopping or out and about at your destination, think about your kit and possibly adding some new items for kids to find on the way back. A new magnet to add, brochures to tape into their travel journal, stickers or nature discoveries like shells from the beach can be added in. The possibilities are endless! I always try to keep it hidden or out of sight until travel day depending on what the items are.

If you’re road tripping, pack some bubbles for pit stops. Sometimes there just isn’t anything exciting for kids at gas stations and stops. But you still need to burn a little energy and get some fresh air. Bubbles have always been a great option for older children to create and for younger siblings to chase and catch. A serious win in my book!

I hope you have the best time making memories with your kids, wherever you go. Safe travels this summer season and beyond!

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I love all these tips so much! I’m so happy this was posted before our upcoming trip to Florida. Need those magnets & crayons.

Aydrianna Gill

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