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Mini Beast Theater - by Alejandra Haden

We love to play pretend at our house. We also love crafting with egg cartons and paint. This Mini Beast Theater is such a great craft to make alongside your littles because you can learn about insects, give them names, come up with a script, and imagine away! Your creativity is sure to make it even more fun.

Here’s what you will need:
Egg carton
3 Popsicle sticks
Blue, white, brown, yellow, purple craft paint
Paint brushes
Green felt sheet
Hot glue

Step One: Cut the lid of your egg carton and make a long slit through the bottom like the photo.
Step Two: Paint your egg carton theater. I made a sky with dirt at the bottom.
Step Three: While your paint dries, cut the egg carton (like the photo shown) to make the parts for your critter characters. One is a snail and the other a butterfly.
Step Four: Paint your critter characters. When they are dry, glue them to your popsicle sticks.
Step Five: Cut the felt to make the grass. Once the paint is dry on your egg carton theater, glue the grass onto it.
Step Six: Make the sign for your “Mini Beast Theater” using a popsicle stick and marker. I cut the round part to make it look rectangular. Glue two short pieces of string to your sign, then glue the other ends to the top of your egg carton theater.
You are ready to have a Mini Beast Play!

Some ideas for your Mini Beast Theater:

1. We played with our Mini Beast Theater outdoors by tying it to a box frame and adding play silks as the curtain!
2. You can also use your little wooden mason jars, insects, and gemstones from your sensory kit on it! Make more popsicle sticks for the insects, or simply lay your theater flat as a tray.
3. Use your Birdie and Bug walnut critters to expand your play. They make great critter characters for your theater.
4. Let your child lead their play. They truly come up with the greatest character names and stories!

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