About Us

Welcome to Chickadees!

Our Mission

To provide unique, eco friendly, hands on play for all abilities in the early years by supporting makers and fair trade, providing meaningful multi-use toys, and creating a supportive community for customers.

Celebrating early childhood and play as the most important part of the day

Our Toys

Move - move your body
Touch - get your hands in it
Imagine - let's play pretend
Explore - nurture curiosity
Create - craft, make, create
Learn - engaging education

Playthings for early childhood

Our Promise to you:

  • We will give you the best materials our hands can make.
  • We will use non toxic and child safe materials.
  • We will package and ship your orders with biodegradable and recyclable materials.
  • We will do our research on the products we sell to ensure our suppliers do the same.
  • We will support other makers and fair trade markets.
  • We will be honest, willing to change, and passionate about what we believe.
  • We will put your little person before our bottom dollar.
  • And we will always remind you to play!

We believe the best growing is done while playing, imagining, exploring, creating, and inquiring. Children should move, touch things, and make noise.

Don't forget to play today, Chickadee!

We plant trees with every purchase!

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