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Little Crystal Collection

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Little Crystal Collection 

This collection is perfect for getting started with crystals. It has lots of colour and variety. 

Your kit will vary from what is shown due to the naturally occurring forms of crystals. Each kit will always be thoughtfully curated to include interesting specimens of the following; 

  • An Amethyst Point 
  • A Rose quartz raw stone 
  • 1 piece of Lapis Lazuli 
  • 1  coloured or natural agate cave 
  • A mini slice of coloured or natural agate 
  • A large tumbled stone 
  • A scoop of small & medium-sized precious tumbled stones. 

4 Handrawn meaning and identification cards. 

* The tumble identification may vary from the actual crystals you receive but each kit is carefully selected to make sure there are some crystals that match the card.  They are designed to form a great jumping-off point for further investigations and learning.

Hold them up to the light or use a magnifying glass to take a closer look. Collect a rainbow of coloured crystals. They can even be used in small world play and fairy garden play. 

Due to this being a naturally occurring item. Colour and some details may vary from the item pictured. Your crystal will be thoughtfully selected for you. 


Lots of small loose parts that could
become a choking hazard. 
Always play with adult supervision