April Birds - 3 Hands On Activities for Learning with This Month's Sensory Box - Chickadees Wooden Toys

April Birds - 3 Hands On Activities for Learning with This Month's Sensory Box

I have to admit that nesting birds are probably my favorite thing about Spring. I remember my boys keeping their little binoculars and the kids Audubon book by the front window. They would watch for birds and keep a very serious log of all the comings and goings.

This months sensory box is all about birds. Here are a few simple hands on lessons for the nature table.


Sorting and Transfer Work
- We used the feather trays to sort sort and transfer different parts of the bin filler. The scoop for birdseed, tongs for leaves, brush for finding bird coins, and pincher fingers for buttons. This activity uses fine motor skills and strengthens the hands and fingers as a pre-writing activity. Sorting is necessary for learning differentiation and increases focus ability.

Follow the links for the items we used:

Feather Trays - Fine Motor Tools - Bird Sensory Box



The letter B sound
- Learning a letter sound has more benefits than learning only the letter name. When letters are approached in this way, your child will recognize them phonetically and naturally begin sounding out words. Beginning letter sounds are the best place to start for early literacy… Bird, Button, Ball of play dough. As you say the words, emphasize the beginning sound as you point to the letter B.  You can ask your child to repeat the sound and say the letter name.

-Making letters with play dough reinforces letter recognition and used the hand muscles and fine motor skills in a fun way. Don’t forget the process is your child’s.. it may be smooshed pieces or it may be neatly rolled lines. Both are good!

Follow the links for the items we used:

Preschool Activity Pack - Play Dough - Nest Tray



Counting eggs
- The 20 frame is great way to go past the number 10 when counting. Placing loose parts in individual spots helps with 1:1 correspondence. Pictures, numbers coins, or flashcards can be placed in the center for a secondary visual and number recognition.
*Tip - change printer settings to multiple pages per sheet for smaller cards and less paper usage.

Follow the links for the items we used:

20 Frame - Counting Eggs - Number Cookies



I hope you are enjoying this months box! I love seeing how you play! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram #chickadeeschild and follow along at @chickadeeswoodentoys

These are great activities, but don’t forget to let some open ended exploration happen. And get outside to look for birds! Sometimes the best learning happens in observation and conversation.

Mama, you are amazing! You are meant for this journey. You are right where you are supposed to be today. Today is just a part of your story. I see you and I’m cheering you on!

Ms. Becky

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